The Chic, No-fail DIY Your Apartment’s Been Missing


If there’s one thing I love , it’s a super simple, fail-proof DIY project that winds up looking mega chic. Like any Pinterest obsessed woman in her 20s, I love browsing all the creative DIY projects from super crafty, über talented blogs like A Beautiful Mess and Studio DIY, but let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time (or money) to spend hours working on a DIY that just turns into a Pinterest Fail.

While I may not have reinvented the wheel with this Ikea hexagon mirror hack, I am incredibly proud of how it turn out in our entrance.

The best part? This ultra chic wall art  took just 20 minutes to make and cost less than $50!



I found these drool worthy marble hexagon trivets on Instagram, but was devastated by the $50+ per trivet price tag! Then, I had a lightbulb moment and remembered that I had a package of IKEA hexagon mirrors that I never really figured out what to do with, so I grabbed the mirrors, my X-ACTO knife and a roll of marble contact paper and got to work.



X-ACTO Knife- $4


IKEA HÖNEFOSS Hexagon Mirror Tiles- $30 for a set of 10


Marble Contact Paper- $10 per roll


  1. Begin by unrolling your contact paper face down and lying one of your hex tiles on top
  2. Use your X-ACTO knife to cut the contact paper in the shape of the hex tile
  3. Pick up the hex tile, and remove the paper from the back of the contact paper
  4. Carefully apply the sticky side to the mirror side of the hex tiles.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 on the additional mirrors
  6. Use the double sided tape that came with your mirrors to hang them on the wall.

NOTE: Be sure to plan what shape you’d like to make BEFORE hanging the tiles as they can be difficult to remove and/or re-stick once hung.




This project turned out so well, I’m thinking making another trip to ikea and filling the entire wall in our entrance.


What do you think?

Home Office Inspiration

I never realized the importance of having a designated work area until I started working from home. My office nook helps me separate work life with home life which definitely keeps me focused and productive in both areas.

Source: Design Sponge
Source: Design Sponge

This past week, I’ve been planning a new design for my home office area and just had to share some of the envy-worthy inspiration I found while researching.

Source: A Merry Mishap


Having a dedicated space for work, whether you are a student, freelancer or entrepreneur, increases organization and productivity. If you think you need an extra bedroom (do those even exist for twenty-something city girls?) to setup a workspace in your apartment, think again!  An empty corner and/or an open wall can easily be turned into a chic yet functional home office space. We happen to have a disproportionately large living room in our tiny 500 square foot apartment, so we used an IKEA Kallax shelving unit as a room divider to create a small “office”.

Gallery Wall

Source: The Preppy Post Grad

Whether you use family photos, magazine cutouts or free art prints, a gallery wall is a cheap, easy way to add personality to your home office decor. Mix and match thrift shop frames for a fun, quirky gallery wall or use clean white IKEA frames for a more elegant look. You can even use Washi tape in lieu of frames for a creative spin on the classic gallery wall. The best part about gallery walls is that the frames can easily (and inexpensively) be  switched out whenever you want to switch things up.

Comfortable Seating

Source: Hello Fashion

Instagram and Pinterest are both full of home office with beautiful yet insanely impractical looking desk chairs. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your home office, Safe yourself the backache and choose function over form. According to Apartment Therapy, there are 6 criteria you should look for when buying an office chair: Adjustable height, a reclining seat back, armrests, a deep seat depth, proper wheels and adjustable lumbar support. If you won’t be spending hours hunched over your computer in the chair, feel free to get a little more creative with your office seating.

Glam Accessories

Source: Pearls and Pastries

Work and play don’t have to be mutually exclusive, especially when you work from home. Like every other space in your apartment, your home office decor should always reflect your personal style. Skip the standard black accessories (unless that’s your thing of course) and check out “cool girl” office supply shops like Urban Girl, and See Jane Work.

Chic Lighting

Source: Design Collector

As Remodelista points out, lighting is often one of the most overlooked elements when designing a home office. Poor lighting can result in a glare on your computer screen and lead to headaches and eyestrain. On the other hand, a good variety of light sources leads to an enhanced mood and increased productivity.

Adequate Storage

Source: Alexandra Kaehler Design

Us city girls know that space is always at a premium, and sometimes we have to get clever in order to keep our pens, papers and notebooks from taking over. We added drawers and doors to our IKEA Kallax shelving unit so that it doubles as a room divider and office storage. We also added a couple of shelves above the computer to hold books and other tchotchkes ( I love this word btw!). The Container Store has a great selection of bins, basket and other storage solutions, but you can also spruce up a few dollar store bins with a little paint and imagination.

The Perfect Desk

Source: The Preppy Post Grad

As with buying a desk chair, the same form-over-function rule applies when choosing a desk for your home office. Be sure to think about how and for how long you will be using the desk as well as your space and budget restrictions. Fresh Home offers great tips on choosing the perfect desk to fit your style, budget, and needs. Target and Wayfair offer a great selection of desk to fit every budget and space.

Fresh Flowers

Source: Horchow

A vase of fresh flowers or an air-cleansing house plant can take your office space to a whole different level. Not only do they improve air quality, they add a touch of color and quite literally breathe life into any space. I keep a few low-maintenance house plants  in my office nook and occasionally like to style my desk with €3.50 bouquet from the supermarket.


8 Free (& Cheap) Ways to Update Your Home Today!

Have you ever looked at a beautifully styled room in a magazine or online and wondered, “how do I get my house to look like that”?

You, my friend, are not alone.

But what if I told you that you could make your home magazine ready in just one afternoon for only a few dollars?

Believe it!

 I’ve rounded up a few “insider” decorating tips that can be implemented in less time than it took to write this post!

8 Quick and Easy Home Updates


 1. Get rid of things

Decluttering is, without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to give your place a new look.  Start by getting rid of things you’re no longer into and anything you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Donate these items to charity or make a few extra bucks by selling them online. To take it step further, I highly recommend taking the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge  to decluttering the rest of your life as well!

COST: FREE! (Plus, you might even make a few dollars!)


 2. Rotate existing decor elements

Items that remain in the same place for a while can become dull and uninspiring. Switch things up by moving accessories like trays, candles and lamps to a different room or swapping them out for other pieces you are currently displaying.


                                                                  SOURCE: TUMBLR

3. Add life to every room

Look inside any magazine or home interior photo on Pinterest, and you’ll see flowers and/or plants in 90% of them. Why you ask? Fresh flowers and plants literally add life to any room, giving it a homey feel and instantly brightening it. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with white flowers and a clear, glass vase. Don’t have a green thumb? Go for a low maintenance plants like Echeveria or Aloe.

COST: Less than $10 for supermarket flowers and a glass vase from the dollar store


4.  Hang your curtains higher

Who doesn’t dream of sky high ceilings?  Fake it till you make it by hanging your curtains right below the ceiling. Higher curtains give the illusion of higher ceilings and make a room feel roomier. On the other end, the curtains should just barely touch the floor.



5.  Organize collections

Whether you collect books, photos or souvenir trinkets, having a dedicated place for them and displaying them together creates a cohesive, polished look. Organize items like TV remotes and other sundries on a pretty tray placed on a coffee table or a side table, or get creative by stylishly organizing bookshelves by color, size, material or theme.



6. Update hardware

Even in a rental, this is a quick and easy way to give your space more of a high-end look. Replace dingy, outdated door and cabinet knobs and drawer pulls with fun, modern knobs and pulls from Anthropologie or your local hardware store to customize and instantly update the space. Just be sure your new hardware fits into the existing holes, and if you’re renting, make sure to keep the old knobs and handles and replace them before you move out.

COST: $1-$25 per knob


7. Invest in an area rug

This is the most expensive home upgrade on the list, but a rug is the foundation of a room. Consider investing in a large area rug to give any room a modern, clean feel. Adding an area rug allows you to add a little personality into a room without spending tons of money. If you already have an area rug, consider layering a smaller one in a different color, texture or pattern.

COST: As little as $50

Most people tend to place the sofa against the longest wall in the room, but moving it just a few inches away from the wall creates a little breathing room and makes the space seem larger. If you have side chairs, pull them closer together and face them towards the center of the room to encourage a more conversation inducing seating arrangement (avoid angling every chair towards the TV).  If like, us, you have an open floor plan, use the sofa as a room divider to break the room into two separate spaces.